What Are Some Accomplishments That Charitable Conservation Groups Have Achieved?

There is an endless list of accomplishments; these are just a few examples of the countless programs that conservation groups have achieved-

ROCKY MOUNTAIN ELK FOUNDATION preserved 6 million acres of land since it was first established in 1984. Because of their efforts, elk populations have doubled in size since they began. They have also opened 1000 acres of land dedicated to elk hunting.

In Kenya, THE NATURE CONSERVANCY joined forces with local partners to restore a traditional elephant migration route that had been obstructed by agricultural fences and roads.
In Minnesota, THE NATURE CONSERVANCY worked with a strong coalition of hunters, anglers, business leaders and conservationists to conserve more than 189,00 of Minnesota’s forest located in the watershed of the Upper Mississippi River, which provides drinking water to millions of people.

DUCKS UNLIMITED has reached a conservation milestone with more than 13 million acres of habitat conserved in North America.

Despite the anemic economy, through the generosity of WILD SHEEP FOUNDATION (WSF) members, exhibitors, donors, and auction buyers, WSF raised more than $3.091 million to state, provincial, tribal and federal agencies; more than $253,000 to Industry Support initiatives; more than $50,000 to education and advocacy programs; $100,000 to international conservation initiatives; and $65,000 to disease research and habitat restoration totaling $3,560,787.00 to mission programs during the fiscal year which ends June 30th.

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