How Does The Local Economy Benefit Once A Wildlife Rehabilitation Project Is Successfully Completed?

Eco-tourism is an economic incentive that combines conservation with tourism all while benefiting the local people, economy and wildlife. Successful hunting programs are plentiful thanks to the efforts of organizations like ROCKY MOUNTAIN ELK CLUB and its programs to restore elk habitat. There are numerous successful elk restorations across the countries that have participated. As a result of these rehabilitation projects, there has been a significant rise in tourism activity, having a positive effect on both the economy, and community. Visitors travel from far so they can enjoy pristine land and all its attractions. They also come to see the changes, participate, and inherit the bounty. For the first time in 150 years someone had successfully hunted an elk! The herds were thriving, and baby calves were being born. It is definitely fair to say that these programs are a win for everyone involved including local community, farmers, and hunters alike.

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