There are threats to survival of wildlife; the most ominous is the loss of habitat created by man’s conversion of land to his own use. Illegal hunting and poaching has been a serious problem and has caused severe loss of animals such as the black rhino and African elephant. This is still a problem in many of the third-world countries. Happily, however, international pressure placed on these countries has caused poaching to diminish through wildlife law enforcement, and showing them economic reasons for conservation of wildlife.

Asia & Artic

Arctic hunts offer some of the most remote wilderness in the world, and remarkable wildlife such as musk ox, and the word’s largest predator, the polar bear Asia, ranging from central Asia to northern China, Mongolia, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, remains home to the Altai Argali largest of seven subspecies of argali sheep and is the largest wild sheep in the world.

New Zealand

In New Zealand, Wildlife such as the Capybara, Chamois, South Pacific Thar, and the wallaby are non-native and have been introduced by man long ago. Hunting of chamois is unrestricted and even encouraged by the Department of Conservation to limit the animal\'s impact on New Zealand\'s native alpine flora. Unlike most other developed countries with a hunting tradition, there are no bag-limits or seasons for hunting large game in New Zealand, while hunting in National Parks is a permitted activity. The wide variety of game animals and the limited restrictions means hunting is a popular pastime.

North America

There\'s nothing quite like it anywhere else in the world: a system that keeps wildlife as a public and sustainable resource, scientifically managed by professionals, thanks to hunters and hunting. The relatively new profession of wildlife biology supported those regulations with science. License fees and excise taxes, paid for by hunters themselves, supported the enforcement and the science. Money was also set aside to protect habitat, conduct research and teach hunters to be safe and ethical. Now, many North American Species are stronger and back for all to enjoy, not just hunters.

Events Gallery

Wendel Museum of Animal Conservation is an excellent venue to host events such as fundraisers, holiday parties, weddings, birthdays of any age, or a private party sure to create memories and guaranteed to be an experience you will never forget.

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